Key Ways To Defend Against Ransomware Attacks

Key fundamentals to defend yourself against Ransomware Attacks:

Ransomware attacks are a common attack found in our Cybersecurity landscape today, so it’s more important now than ever before to take the proper steps to mitigate attacks and damages, here are six fundamental principals to defending against ransomware attacks:

  1. Conducting an initial ransomware assessment
  2. Enforcing ransomware governance
  3. Consistently maintaining operational readiness to attacks
  4. Back up as much as possible!
  5. Restrict user permissions as much as possible
  6. Educate the end user on the potential threats of ransomware and the implications it could have on the company

Ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon, us in the security field need to always be ahead of the curve and always be on the lookout for any new found vulnerabilities that could potentially leave your company vulnerable to attacks, such as ransomware.

Michael Walz