About me

Growing up I was a very busy kid and never found myself bored, and always seemed to find myself most interested in two major topics:

Sports and Technology

Ever since I was able to first get my hands on an iPod Touch all I wanted to do was play around with it all day every day. The concept of being able to do so much on one device that was also touch screen was mesmerizing to me at the time. This was such a different concept from the Gameboy’s and Nintendo DSI’s that I was accustomed to using. From that day forward my fascination with technology, especially IT systems, only intensified. I found myself diving headfirst into understanding how these devices worked, from their hardware to their software intricacies. It wasn’t just about the gadgets anymore; it was about the entire ecosystem—the networks, the servers, the algorithms—all working together to make the magic happen. To me It’s the thrill of unraveling complex systems, the joy of solving problems, and the satisfaction of seeing how technology can transform our world. And I don’t see that passion fading anytime soon. If anything, it’s only getting stronger with each new breakthrough and innovation.

Now I’m 24 years old, and looking to officially get into the world of cybersecurity. I’ve been fortunate enough to get IT experience through a few different jobs. I started with a year in Desktop Support at NAU, then helped people all over Phoenix with their tech devices as a Trainer. Now, I’m a Help Desk technician helping a large userbase of over 800 employees. I also recently completed a Cybersecurity Bootcamp at ASU, and got my CompTIA Security+ in March 2024. But I’m just getting started, always hungry for more challenges and opportunities to grow and learn!

Michael Walz